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Supporting Your Partner's Anxiety

Anyone with anxiety knows how difficult it is to get on with his/her normal life. Living in constant fear of having panic attacks isn't fun at all. When you have anxiety, you are not the only one who suffers because of the condition. Your family, friends, and partner are also affected by the mess that's happening inside your head. Anxiety can have a devastating effect on your relationship with your partner. There is no way that you can hide the symptoms of anxiety from your significant other. If you live in Surrey, BC, Canada, there is always help for people suffering from anxiety issues. Couple's counselling may help you and your partner improve your relationship by controlling the symptoms of anxiety. This article provides information on how the significant other can support his/her anxious partner to manage the condition.

Anxiety affects over 18% of the population in the United States. Anxiety is the most common mental disorder affecting the US population - according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. The condition can come in many different forms. Understanding and supporting the individual is crucial to helping them get over the symptoms of anxiety. If your partner is having anxiety, you must become sympathetic and understand what he or she is going through at the moment. Having a good partner who chooses to love the anxiety sufferer day after day and support him/her through the battle, can help the patient more than any medication. There is no doubt you will be frustrated, confused, and wonder if all this is even worth it. But if you know how to support your anxious partner, you will make the battle easier for the both of you.

Your anxious partner may have a million thoughts running through their head at once. They can become so confused that they may not know why they are freaking out at times. Listening to your partner is the first step towards healing their condition. A person suffering from anxiety will find immediate relief by putting out what's in his/her mind. If you are willing to listen to what he or she has to say, it can make a big difference in effectively managing the condition. The patient needs to know that someone is willing to try to understand what he or she is going through.

People suffering from anxiety are more likely to jump to conclusions and assume the worst-case scenario. Also, they are less likely to perceive the partner's emotions correctly. That's why you need to be patient when dealing with an anxious partner. Your patience can go a long way in letting your partner know that he or she can count on you when it's most needed.

Although millions suffer from anxiety in the U.S., only one-third go through treatment. If your partner is suffering from anxiety, you should make an appointment with MOVE Health & Wellness located in Surrey, BC, for professional counselling for anxiety. MOVE Health & Wellness is here to help your partner get rid of anxiety and improve the quality of life.

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