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Available at MOVE Surrey, Kelowna & South Surrey


The use of advanced therapeutic techniques to strengthen your muscles and improve your functionality.

Using our advanced therapeutic techniques and strength gaining exercises, patients can expect to see tremendous progress towards their recovery with our physiotherapy treatments. Anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks of physiotherapy is recommended for a complete recovery, depending on the patients injuries. Our physiotherapy sessions can be booked for a full 60 minutes, for those looking to get the complete treatment experience, but shorter 30 minute sessions are also available for patients who're just wanting to receive a quick treatment. The benefits include the following: pain management, avoiding surgery, improved mobility and movement, recovery from injuries or trauma, recovery from stroke or paralysis, fall prevention, improved balance, and management of age-related medical problems.


If you’re someone who is currently dealing with physical health problems or is simply just wanting to get your body assessed by a professional, then book an appointment with one of our trusted physiotherapists and lets get your body moving!


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