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 Available at MOVE South Surrey

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Braces and supports provide rapid relief from pain by soothing the areas that hurt and delivering the stability you need.

The muscles, tendons and ligaments are the most common areas of the body to suffer pain and injury: From arthritis, ACL tears, knee surgery, ligament tears in the thigh or muscle pulls, injuries, soreness, knee pain and inflammation can interfere with your daily life.

Braces for the knee or other body areas (ankle, wrist, elbow) help reduce pain and swelling, providing joint stability and supporting your painful area without limiting mobility. Our knit material and special viscoelastic cushioned pads make the brace the most comfortable you will ever wear.

The net gain? Less pain. More stability. MOVE Health & Wellness knee braces and supports give you the confidence to do what moves you.

We carry a wide range of off-the-shelf bracing as well as full custom and prescriptive bracing. Our therapists are fully qualified to advise and provide you with the best fit for your needs.


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