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Expert Kinesiology Assessment and Personalized Recovery Plans in Surrey | MOVE Health & Wellness

Welcome to MOVE Health & Wellness, your destination for expert kinesiology services in Surrey & South Surrey. At MOVE, we believe in enhancing the body's natural ability to heal and perform through comprehensive kinesiological assessments and personalized care plans.

Our kinesiologists locate imbalances and gain other insight within your body by performing a thorough assessment of your muscles. This process reveals the body's overall state of structural, chemical and emotional balance. If any irregularities are found it is important to then properly locate the source of the problem. The next step would then be for our qualified practitioners to create the client a personalized plan to help ensure proper recovery. These personalized plans can be used to treat a wide range of health issues including: nervous disorders, stress, muscle pain, weak bones, joint pain, headaches, hormonal imbalances, fatigue, insomnia, emotional issues and learning difficulties. Our sessions can be booked for a full 60 minutes, for those looking to get the complete treatment experience, but shorter 30 minute sessions are also available for patients who're just wanting to receive a quick treatment.


Significant benefits can be noticed after just a few sessions with one of our licensed kinesiologists. Book an initial assessment with one now!



What is Kinesiology?

Kinesiology is the scientific study of body movement, addressing how it affects our overall health and well-being. This field combines principles from biomechanics, anatomy, physiology, and psychology to understand human movement, providing a holistic approach to health. Kinesiologists, highly trained health professionals, harness this knowledge to design personalized care strategies that enhance your body's natural healing processes and improve functionality.

By assessing your movement patterns, kinesiologists pinpoint areas of imbalance or stress within the body. From there, they develop tailored exercise and rehabilitation programs that not only address physical ailments—such as joint pain, muscle strain, and postural issues—but also cater to your emotional and psychological needs, promoting balance and energy within the body.

Whether it's through targeted physical therapy, energy-balancing techniques, or customized wellness plans, kinesiology helps unlock your body's potential for improved performance and vitality. It's an ideal approach for anyone from athletes looking to optimize their performance to individuals seeking relief from chronic conditions and stress. Join the many who are turning to kinesiology at MOVE Health & Wellness in Surrey for a transformative health experience. Book your session today and start your journey towards a healthier, more balanced life.

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Techniques Used

Explore Our Range of Proven Techniques for Enhanced Physical Wellness

  • Deep Tissue Massage

  • Joint Mobilization

  • Exercise Prescription

  • Myofascial Release

  • Joint Manipulation

  • Postural Assessment

  • Soft Tissue Massage

  • Dry Needling

  • Post-Operative Rehabilitation

  • Taping and Splinting

  • Pain Management Education

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Tailored Therapies for a Range of Physical Conditions

  • Plantar fasciitis

  • Headaches and migraines

  • Tennis elbow

  • Patellofemoral joint injury (runner's knee)

  • Lower back pain

  • Pain in the neck

  • Stress fractures

  • Hip impingement and labral injuries

  • Injuries from running

  • Chronic muscle strains and sprains

  • Pain in the Achilles tendon

  • Iliotibial band syndrome

  • Injury to the rotator cuff

  • Hamstring tendinopathy

  • Pain in the patellar region

  • Injuries to the ACL

  • Pain in the glutes

  • Shin splints

  • Pain in the groin area

  • Injury to the tibialis posterior tendon And more!

MOVE Health & Wellness Rehabilitation Techniques

ICBC MVA Active Rehabilitation

Active rehabilitation post-MVA (Motor Vehicle Accident) is crucial for restoring pain-free movement, flexibility, and strength. Covered by ICBC claims, this service ensures financial ease while our professional kinesiologists guide you through a personalized recovery process. Expect a blend of therapeutic exercises, injury prevention strategies, and performance therapy to get back to your daily activities confidently and safely.

Muscle Relaxation After Contraction Technique

This technique employs gentle contractions followed by relaxation to release tension in hypertonic muscles, improving mobility and reducing pain. It is particularly effective for enhancing hip rotation and relieving pains such as sciatic nerve entrapment. Our kinesiologists use this method to target specific areas, providing comprehensive pain relief and functional improvement.

Reciprocal Inhibition Technique

The reciprocal inhibition technique focuses on improving muscle coordination and reducing muscle tightness by stimulating antagonist muscles to promote relaxation in the target muscle group. This approach is ideal for treating stiffness and enhancing mobility in key areas, leading to significant improvements in overall physical function.

Targeted Assisted Stretching

Assisted stretching is tailored especially for older adults or those with mobility restrictions due to conditions like osteoarthritis or spinal stenosis. Our kinesiologists expertly apply stretches to alleviate pain, increase flexibility, and improve posture, significantly reducing the risk of falls and boosting overall energy levels.

Posture Evaluation

Through a detailed evaluation of your posture, our kinesiologists develop a customized exercise program to correct imbalances and strengthen posture-related muscles. This analysis is conducted using various tests and measurements to accurately assess and address your specific needs, enhancing both your physical alignment and health outcomes.

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Your First Visit to Our Kinesiology Clinic

Experience tailored health solutions on your first visit to our kinesiology clinic in Surrey and South Surrey. Our certified kinesiologists perform a detailed health history review and physical examination to uncover the root causes of your symptoms. From this comprehensive assessment, a customized treatment plan is crafted, focusing on improving your body's mechanics and overall functionality. Our targeted approach ensures that each plan aligns with your specific health goals, offering optimal results.

Book Your Kinesiology Session in Surrey and South Surrey Today

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