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Concussion Management

A concussion is a mild brain injury resulting from a hit to the head forcing the brain to twist or bounce around. If not treated immediately, a concussion could lead to a serious brain injury. At MOVE Health & Wellness, we offer concussion management services. Contact us immediately if you notice the following signs and symptoms of a concussion:

• If one pupil is larger than the other.

• If the person is feeling drowsy or can’t wake up after experiencing the traumatic brain injury.

• If the person has slurred speech, numbness, weakness or decreased coordination.

• If the person has a headache that doesn’t go away or gets worse.

• If the person is experiencing repeated vomiting, convulsions, nausea or seizures.

• If the person is showing unusual behaviour such as increased confusion, agitation or restlessness.

• If the person loses their consciousness by passing out or getting knocked out. Even if it happens for a brief moment, you need to take it seriously.

• If a concussion happens in an infant or a small child, they can’t be consoled or will not stop crying. Also, you will notice that the child will not nurse or eat properly.

What’s The Best Treatment For Anyone With A Concussion?

At MOVE Health & Wellness, we have the best concussion management experts who can offer the following treatment options for people with a concussion:

• Rest – We advise anyone with a concussion to take time off work or school. As the brain heals the symptoms will go away. Note that, symptoms of a concussion last about 6 to 10 days depending on the severity. If the symptoms last more than a week, our concussion management experts are here to help.

• Proper Sleep – We advise our concussion patients to get a lot of sleep at night and rest during the day to allow the brain to heal properly.

• Avoid Sensory Or Visual Stimuli – You should stay away from loud music or video games to put your brain in the right healing mindset.

• Proper Dieting – Your brain also needs proper food to heal. You should eat well-balanced meals during the resting period.

• Ease Into Life Slowly – Remember, your brain has been injured. Therefore, don’t get back into your previous life too fast. Rather, our concussion management experts will let you know how soon you can resume your school or work life.

• Avoid Stress – During the resting period, you should avoid any strenuous mental or physical tasks. You need to delegate anything that’s too serious and avoid stress.

• Avoid Heavy Tasks – Before you get back to driving, operating heavy machinery, riding a bike or any other heavy task, we will examine you properly and give permission to proceed. Remember, a concussion will often slow down your reflexes so you need to be careful.

• Don’t Cause Another Concussion – Also, you should stay away from activities that might cause another concussion such as sports, amusement parks or playground activities especially for children.

A concussion can become severe if not handled correctly. At MOVE Health & Wellness, we offer the best concussion management services to ensure that you get back to your life without suffering any cognitive disabilities. Contact us today for the best concussion management services by the experts!


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