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Our Covid-19 Safety Protocol
MOVE Health & Wellness

Our Covid-19 Safety Protocol

As we begin to see restrictions lifted in B.C., Move Health & Wellness has been hard at work preparing to welcome you back to our wellness centre.

We want to reassure you that the protection of patients and staff will always be our #1 priority.

We have made a number of changes to the way our clinic operates and have implemented enhanced safety protocols.

Moving forward, we at Move Health & Wellness will adhere to the following strict new approach:


(1) Screening Questionnaire for all patients and staff:

  • When booking an appointment, patients will complete a screening questionnaire first via telephone and again, in-person upon arrival to the clinic.

  • All clinic staff are screened each day before entering the clinic which includes a questionnaire which is logged and recorded in the system.

(2) Temperature Checks:

  • Temperature checks will be conducted for all staff and patients upon their arrival and recorded.

  • Anybody with a temperature exceeding 38 degrees Celsius will be asked to re-book their appointment on a future date.

(3) Face Masks:

  • If the patient is not wearing a mask, the clinic will provide you with one and ensure it is worn properly.

  • All patients and staff must be wearing a mask or protective shield at all times

(4) Modifying our Clinic to maintain Social distancing:


  • Clinic waiting and treatment areas have been rearranged to maintain 6 ft physical distancing with appropriate signage within the clinic

  • Plexiglass screen guards have been installed at all clinics at reception

  • Patient appointment times will be staggered to enable social distancing, screening, and time for cleaning treatment areas and equipment

(5) Hand Washing Station:


  • All patients and staff will be asked to wash their hands at our hand washing station before entering the treatment room.

  • There will be plenty of hand sanitizer available as well in the front desk, waiting area and treatment rooms.

(6) Enhanced cleaning/disinfecting our Equipment/Clinic:


  • Clinics will undergo a thorough cleaning each and every day

  • Following all treatment sessions, staff will clean any equipment used and all high touch surfaces such as beds and door handles

(7) (PPE) Personal Protective Equipment for Staff:


  • Our clinic is following the PPE recommendations put out by Fraser Health Authority, WorkSafe BC and each professional association.

  • Each of our staff will be equipped with masks, face shields, gloves etc.

(8) Virtual Care: 

  • To accommodate the comfort of all of our patients, you will have the choice of either an in-person or Telehealth service, or a combination of both


We look forward to working with you to achieve your mental and physical health goals on the road to recovery. 



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